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Campbell Has Had Enough

Skins' infatuation with Mark Sanchez has QB wanting out of DC



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    There isn't a better way to build confidence in a young quarterback than by going after others ... at least that's how Danny Snyder does business.

    Jason Campbell is Beyoncé Knowles. His "man," Danny Snyder, is all obsessed with this hot new thang, Mark Sanchez. Problem being, Campbell isn't happy with this new obsession and would rather be with someone who appreciates him.

    Ok, it's a stretch. But try to usurp the QB role from Jason Campbell once, shame on you. Try it twice and JC won't have any of that mess. According to the Washington Post, if the Redskins draft USC QB Mark Sanchez Saturday, Campbell and his representative, Joel Segal, will request a trade.

    Campbell played it Hillary Clinton-style when he found out that Snyder was trying to go behind his back with Jay Cutler. "I forgive you baby, but that was your LAST chance."

    But now, Danny, Vinny and Zorny are all vying for the affection of a young, inexperienced co-ed, a product of Pete Carroll's Trojan marketing machine. Can you blame Campbell for being jaded?

    Mr. Irrelevant makes the case that JC's trade request could hurt him, using the likelihood that Campbell would still be the Skins' starter if they draft Sanchez, and thus have a chance to play for a better contract next year, not to mention that, with a trade, Campbell would have to learn yet another offensive system.

    Good points. But if Campbell can't trust the franchise now, he certainly won't be able to trust Lil' Danny and cronies in the future. And who's to say that the Skins brain trust would invest more time in a QB with whom they clearly are unsatisfied? Redskins fans certainly can't be upset with Campbell standing up for himself.

    In any case, once again, Dan Snyder has turned the Skins offseason into one big cluster ... well, you know. The draft still could shake out without a hitch, at least according to the hope of 80+ percent. Maybe Campbell is Jennifer Lopez instead of Beyoncé, because one thing seems apparent, JC has had enough.

    Kyle Weidie is a D.C. resident who writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs.