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And the Caps' No. 1 Goalie Is...

Theodore starts the first game, but not really the No. 1



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    Just when you thought that Jose was down and out...

    With the Caps' season starting this week, Jose Theodore has been named the starting goalie. Now before you start throwing things at your monitor, it's only a one-night engagement.

    The beleaguered veteran told the Times'Corey Masisak that Coach Boudreau said he'll get the nod in tomorrow's game against the Bruins. 

    Gabby's done a pretty masterful job about managing the personalities involved.  He clearly appreciates what Semyon Varlamov can give him (and he likely thinks he's the best option), but he also doesn't want the kid to take on too much too soon.  He's also focused on making sure he can handle the pressure as well as the strain of playing a full season.

    Yet, he also realizes that he has to deal with Jose, a proud veteran with a huge contract.  As much as the team's fans sometimes wish they could cast Theo aside, they need him, if only to serve as a strong, capable backup should something go wrong with Varly -- either injury, or poor performance.

    Boudreau, for now, is prepared to run with two goalies, as he told the Post:


    "It doesn't really matter who starts. It's not like we're going to run with one goalie for 80 games. Whoever it is, the first two [goalies], will play very even over the first 30 or 40 games. And then somebody is going to take over like two years ago, after the trade when [Cristobal] Huet and Olie [Kolzig] were here and Huet took over."

    So while Theodore gets the opening night nod, it doesn't really mean he's the No. 1 goalie.  Varly's as likely to start the home opener, rockin' all the red he can.

    And as Coach has made clear, who starts tonight, isn't necessarily who'll be starting come May.  These first 40 games or so will tell Caps fans everything they need to know about the goalies.