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Haynesworth Spouts Off On Teammates, Coaches In Radio Interview



    Haynesworth Spouts Off On Teammates, Coaches In Radio Interview
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    GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 02: Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth #92 of the Washington Redskins stands on the sidelines during preseason NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on September 2, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Redskins 20-10. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

    Albert Haynesworth isn't only a magnet for controversy because the defensive tackle has been a massive disappointment and possibly the worst in a long line of bad Redskins free agent acquisitions in the last 20 years.

    No, that would be limiting his capacity for troublemaking.

    Haynesworth is also the master of the incendiary quote. For proof, one must only think back to September when he compared himself to a slave amid the flap about him not wanting to adjust to a 3-4 defensive scheme. In the wake of being listed as inactive for Sunday's loss in New York for reasons not made particularly clear by head coach Mike Shanahan, Haynesworth was especially pitched in his comments Monday night in an 26-minute interview on "The Kevin and Rock Show" on 106.7 The Fan.

    Mike Prada of SB Nation DC has done a good job culling a dozen of the most outrageous quotes from the interview, in which Haynesworth blasted teammates for criticizing him in the media, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett's inability to adjust to the strengths of his players and the overall crush of what he claims is irrelevent drama surrounding his season.

    "It's too much stuff going on right now, too much stuff that doesn't have anything to do with football going on. It's just ridiculous. Let's just concentrate on playing football, because this is what we're paid to do, and win games. I hope it's what everyone else wants, but it's just all the other kid games that's going on that's making me sick. I'm sick about it."

    Haynesworth also complained that if the reason for listing him as inactive on Sunday was that he was late to practice, then he needs to be shown the same disciplinary measures they have. In other words, fines, not benching.

    "I'm not going into the office tomorrow. I'm still heated over this. I just got sick of it."

    Of course, when the suggestion has been bandied this week that the reason Haynesworth was benched was because he was sick late last week, perhaps the best course of action for Albert was not proclaiming that he would not report to the team practice the next day because he is "sick" of the ongoing drama.

    Just a thought.