Would the Real Sarah Palin Please Stand Up?

Did you see Sarah Palin hanging out in D.C. today? Are you sure?

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If you thought you saw Sarah Palin at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday, think again. It was actually impersonator Patti Lyons. Here she fools presidential hopeful Herman Cain.
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Faux Palin was quite the media darling on Friday.
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Lyons was interviewed in the lobby of the Marriott Wardman Park hotel while a dozen potential Republican presidential hopefuls were preparing to address CPAC.
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While Palin wasn't real, Rep. Michele Bachmann was. She also posed for photographs with supporters.
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No Obama impersonators, but there were statues of President Barack Obama sitting on top of clocks counting down to the last day of his current administration for sale.
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No, it's not voodoo. Small American flags indicating support for potential presidential candidates are pushed into a board near the image the former Alaska governor.
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Donald Trump may not think much of Rep. Ron Paul's chances. But CPAC attendees do.
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