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Murray Hill will never be caught in a sex scandal

Congressional candidate Murray Hill will never be caught in a sex scandal. Murray Hill will never be accused of insider trading or flip-flopping or accepting bribes.

Does Murray Hill sound too good to be real? That’s because Murray Hill isn’t a person. It’s a corporation.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that companies have the same rights as people, when it comes to funding political campaigns. That opened the door for Murray Hill, a public relations firm based in Silver Spring, to declare itself a candidate.

Don’t expect to see the corporation holding any campaign rallies. You probably won’t even see it on a ballot. Instead, you may see one of the greatest political experiments to ever play out.

Murray Hill has its own website, Facebook page, and ad on YouTube. The corporate-candidate even pokes fun of itself.

“Until now, corporate interests had to rely on campaign contributions and influence-peddling to achieve their goals in Washington,” Murray Hill wrote in a statement published in the Washington Post.

That doesn’t mean Murray Hill isn’t running for office. It’s trying to run as a Republican against Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D), who told the newspaper he’s up for the challenge.

Murray Hill, though, may never find its way into the race. Candidates must register to vote as a Republican to run in a Republican primary. Its voter registration application has been rejected.

Whether or not Murray Hill ever makes it to Capitol Hill (we’re willing to bet it won’t), you must give the company credit for making a name for itself. What else would you expect from a public relations firm!

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