Subpoenas Issued in D.C. Corruption Probe

News4 has learned that federal prosecutors this week are issuing a flurry of new subpoenas involving campaign cash and contributions controlled by D.C. businessman Jeff Thompson, whose home and offices were raided two weeks ago by the FBI.

The subpoenas -- the latest developments in the campaign corruption case that has shaken the D.C. political establishment -- seek documents going back to 2003. Eight years of campaigns are now under federal investigation.

Sources say the subpoenas are going to any political campaigns since 2003 that may have done business with Thompson or accepted contributions from him or his associates.

Several council members confirmed they have received the grand jury subpoenas but declined further comment. Others said they have not received the mailed subpoenas but have heard about them.

Sources say the subpoenas are not limited to council members, but include candidates for mayor and other offices dating back to 2003.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined comment.

Thompson -- who has obtained counsel but declined comment -- is the focus of a wide-ranging probe into his massive giving to campaigns.

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A copy of the subpoena obtained by News4 shows a broad-based search for documents “referring or relating to” Thompson, his business partners and firms he controls.

Thompson holds the city’s Medicaid contract worth more than $300 million a year and has a prominent accounting firm. He has been a major political fund raiser for local and some national elections.

The subpoenas ask for any records or documents detailing fund-raising pledges or other campaign commitments, meetings, excessive donations even if returned, and even copies of invitations and RSVPs to Thompson events.

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