Mayor-Elect Bowser Keeping Chief Lanier, Chancellor Henderson

Two popular D.C. leaders will stay on in Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser’s administration. Bowser announced Monday she is keeping Police Chief Cathy Lanier and Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson.

Lanier clearly wanted to stay on the job she's had since 2007. Overall crime is down and homicides have moderated, but the city remains a frequent target of protests, and Lanier faces a rapidly aging police force that needs constant replacements while only one in 25 applicants is accepted.

Henderson was deputy to former Chancellor Michelle Rhee and was picked by Mayor Vincent Gray in 2010 to lead the city schools. One major issue is the city's attempt for the first time since the 1960s to redraw city school boundaries. The plan could affect enrollment, property values and integration of students.

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In the race for mayor, the boundary plan proposed by Gray was so controversial bowser pledged she would make changes as mayor even though the new plan is being implemented now and changes could confuse parents.

“We don't expect to see any changes take place until I take office,” Bowser said.

She said any changes would be made early in the new year.

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