D.C. Considers Allowing Almost Any Adult to Officiate Weddings, Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Workers

The D.C. Council is preparing to allow almost any adult to legally officiate marriage ceremonies and is also moving closer to approving drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Currently, only a member of the clergy or a judge legally can officiate at a wedding in the District, but that could soon change.

The D.C. Council Judiciary Committee approved legislation that would allow any adult -- for a small city fee -- to officiate at any marriage ceremony.

Council members say many couples forgo religious ceremonies and don't like the coldness of a courthouse.

“And the union between two individuals should not necessarily have to be before a judge or before a religious order,” Councilmember Anita Bonds said. “A union between two individuals is just that.”

Marrying couples still would need a license but have a close friend, family member or other person involved.

Councilmember called it another in many steps to provide equality for everyone who lives here.

Also at the council Thursday, a crowd urged the District to pass a law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses the same as citizens.

The proposal could conflict with federal rules, but supporters say it would help immigrants legally drive, get insurance, help families get to schools and cut down on job exploitation.

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