Campaign Signs Pulled From Maryland Roadways, Medians, Interchanges

With two weeks before the election, political signs continue to pop up everywhere, but in Maryland, there’s also a number being removed.

Hundreds of campaign signs are being removed from Maryland roadways, medians and interchanges.

"Whether an open house sign, a political sign or a sign for a weight-loss hotline, anything illegally placed within state right of way will be removed,” the State Highway Authority told News4.

The communications director for Rob Sobhani, the independent candidate for U.S. Senate, said their campaign has attracted a lot of supporters who are politically inexperienced

“We've distributed a large number of signs throughout the state,” Sam Patten said. “There have been some cases where signs have been put by enthusiastic volunteers in places where technically they shouldn't be. When these are reported to us, we quickly go and pick them up.”

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