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Marion Barry in the Attack of the Shrimp

Barry now allergic to seafood



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    Mayor for Life Marion Barry has avoided a lot of things in his lifetime -- jail time and taxes among them.  And now he's avoiding shrimp.

    Just like in all past incidents, Barry learned his lesson the hard way.

    Barry was released from Howard University Hospital Monday after being treated for dehydration and a mild infection, and he decided to celebrate his release at dinner with friends, according to the Washington Post. He ordered shrimp and chowed down. Something then went wrong, and the Ward 8 councilman was rushed back to the hospital.

    Fearing a heart attack or stroke, numerous tests were performed. But it turns out Barry was just having an allergic reaction to seafood -- something he's never had in the past.

    Barry told the Post that after eating the shrimp his throat swelled shut, he lost his sight and his tongue went numb.

    "It scared the hell out of me," Barry told the Post.

    Barry drove himself to the hospital a week ago when he wasn't feeling well and was admitted after a series of tests. On Tuesday of last week, he was moved to intensive care as a precaution.

    Barry said Monday he was feeling much better.

    "I would like to first thank God for giving me the strength to rise above," Barry said in a release his office issued Monday. "By His grace and the wonderful work of my doctors and the staff at Howard University Hospital, I am able to address my health issues more effectively. Nearly eight months after receiving a new kidney, I am feeling very well and I am ready to get back to work."

    That was, of course, before his dinnertime celebration that landed him back in the hospital.