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DC Vote Advocates Meet on Capitol Hill



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    Former actress Faith Dane blows a trumpet during a rally to ask for voting representation for the nation's capital in the U.S. House of Representatives on April 16, 2007.

    WASHINGTON -- Advocates for giving the District of Columbia a voting member of Congress are on Capitol Hill to plead their case.

    The residents and members of the group D.C. Vote were visiting the offices of members of Congress on Monday. Group members were dropping off postcards from residents who support a bill that would give the city voting representation. D.C. has some 600,000 residents but only one delegate who doesn't vote on the floor in Congress.

    The Senate passed a bill granting D.C. voting rights in February, but senators added a gun amendment that many residents don't like. The bill still hasn't been voted on in the House. The group hopes to get a bill passed without the gun amendment in that chamber.