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D.C. Council Doesn't Need April for Foolishness

Cheh releases joke budget memo



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    D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh delayed an April Fools joke until Wednesday in order not to conflict with mayoral candidacy announcements in late March, D.C. Wire reported.

    Cheh released a memo including fake budget proposals like saving the city $15 million by merging the mayor's office with those of the city administrator and the deputy mayor; spending millions to help residents enter the Post's Peeps Contest; and putting a Starbucks in the Wilson building to save money in time and travel outside the building for city government to get coffee.

    Outside the context of April 1, Cheh's prank is about as juvenile as putting chalk in the teacher's erasers. Still, she made light of some issues that have dogged city government.

    In order to save money on press releases about this yearly dispute, Cheh suggested the mayor be required to deliver any sporting event tickets directly to the council, which would save even more money by giving the council something to do "in lieu of conducting investigative hearings" -- which are often mocked in D.C.

    And another jab at the mayor: spending no funds on attorney general opinions about the mayor's actions, since AG Peter Nickles is always in Mayor Adrian Fenty's corner and never opines against him. The councilwoman's got a little bit of bite.