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The ACLU vs. Cuccinelli

Virginia group urges police to ignore AG's immigration opinion



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    Virginia’s attorney general has an opinion about immigration enforcement in the commonwealth -- that police have the authority to ask people about their immigration status when they are arrested or stopped in connection with a criminal offense.

    The ACLU has its own opinion: Ignore Ken Cuccinelli's opinion.  
    The Virginia ACLU is urging the state’s police chiefs to ignore the advisory opinion on enforcement of immigration laws Cuccinelli issued last week.
    The ACLU sent a letter to police chiefs and sheriffs saying Cuccinelli’s opinion is not based on any Virginia law. 
    “I write to urge you to instruct your officers not to engage in such inquiries,” wrote Rebecca K. Glenberg, legal director.
    The attorney general’s office has not offered a comment on the ACLU letter.