Terror Raid: Who Was the Female Suicide Bomber?

The woman who blew herself up during an anti-terror police raid outside of Paris has been identified as a Moroccan immigrant named Hasna Aitboulahcen.

French authorities have not publicly identified her but the Associated Press cited three anonymous police officials. 

As police raided an apartment building in Saint-Denis to search for suspects responsible for planning the Paris massacre last week, the woman detonated a suicide vest.

The mayor of Creutzwalk, where Aitboulahcen lived for some time, told NBC News her family arrived in the region in 1973 before she was born in 1989. The mayor told the Associated Press that Aitboulahcen and her two brothers and sister spent some time in foster care.

Former neighbors told Reuters she'd been mistreated as a child, renounced Islam, and was seen drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

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