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Qantas Flight Returns to LAX After Water Leaks Inside Plane

"River running thru the aisles," one passenger tweets

A Melbourne-bound Qantas flight returned to Los Angeles Wednesday after water began leaking inside the plane.

Passenger Yvette Nicole Brown, who stars in NBC's "Community," described the leak on Twitter as a "river" of water running down the aisles as a result of a pipe that had burst.

Qantas spokeswoman Sgarba Rhys-Jones told NBC News the leak was from drinking water and no passengers were in danger. An hour after taking off from LAX, Qantas flight QF94 returned to the airport for engineers to fix the leak, Rhys-Jones said.

According to FlightAware.com, the Airbus A380-800 took off from LAX at 12:14 a.m. and arrived back at the airport at 2:39 a.m.

"We apologize to customers for the inconvenience," Qantas said in a statement on their website.  "There were no safety of flight concerns with the water leak, however the captain decided to return to LA in the interests of passenger comfort." 

During the flight, the crew moved passengers to unaffected areas and provided them spare blankets to stay dry, according to the statement. The airline said it was providing hotel accommodations for those affected.

Yvette Nicole Brown wrote that the airline's crew had shut off electricity during the ordeal.

Qantas is working with plane manufacturer Airbus to determine the cause of the leak.

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