Turns Out John Mahoney Is a Really Bad Guy After All

John Mahoney was everyone's favorite father figure in "Frazier" and plays a kindly grandfather in the new movie "Flipped."

But Mahoney admits to PopcornBiz that he likes being dark, much like his appearances on the USA Network's  "Burn Notice."

"I love to play bad," he tells us from the press event for "Flipped."

He ticks off a few of his favorite bad moments, such as 1987's "Suspect."

"I tried to eviscerate Cher," he says, never losing his trademark eye-twinkle. "And In 'Primal Fear,' I was a rotten character. "

"I've done some pretty bad things," he admits with a wink. "I have to dig a little bit…but not too much."

As far as "Burn Notice," Mahoney is thrilled to be on his "favorite show" even if his character is a shadowy type only known as "Management." He recalls talking to his agent about his love of the show "and then two days after we talked my agent got a call from the 'Burn Notice' people asking if I'd be interested."

He jumped at the part and plans to continue with his character which has shown every sign of playing a bigger role in seasons to come.

"I'm sure I'll be going back once we're done with hiatus," says Mahoney. "I just don't know when."

Lest it appear that the world has flipped, Mahoney's "Flipped" character is wise and kind and the "moral compass" of the story in the words of director Rob Reiner. Needless to say, he doesn't wear the shades in this story.

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