Woman Rescued 2 Days After Mountain-Side Crash

A woman who sat bloodied and trapped in her car for two days after it plunged off the side of a mountain in Utah was found alive by a couple who heard her screaming for help and found her car buried in thick brush, NBC News reported.

Heather Blackwelder, a 29 mother of two, is at a Provo hospital in stable condition with some broken bones, officials said. But she would have been a lot worse off – or even dead – if the couple hadn't been out sightseeing on Thursday.

"Somebody going by, driving by, riding by on a motorcycle, riding by even on a bicycle — would have been very little chance of them to hear her, and almost zero chance for them to see her," said Utah County Sheriff's Office spokesman Spencer Cannon.

But someone heard her. Spencer Dryden and his girlfriend, Cleo Jackson, were taking pictures when they heard Blackwelder calling for help.

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