“The Voice” Recap: Top 12 Take the Stage

Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton gushed over the finalists' performance on the Nov. 12 outing.

Live from Los Angeles, it's "The Voice"!

After an intense playoff that saw the exit of eight contestants, the NBC hit reality show's Top 12 kicked off the live round of the competition with a bang, making their respective coaches, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, very proud.

Without further ado, let's breakdown the night's action team-by-team.

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Team Blake

The first contestant to tackle the live performance is Michaela Paige, the team member Blake chose to save in the playoffs, which Michaela calls "the kick in the butt I need...I have to prove to Blake that he made the right decision." She decides to tackle Pink's "[Blow Me] One Last Kiss," and while it seemed a little shaky to us, the coaches loved it. Christina reveals Michaela is one of her favorites in the competition, while Cee Lo gushes, "I'm a fan of yours." Adam calls the performance "elegant and wonderful" and her coach proudly says, "My heart is pounding right now because it was so good," before begging viewers to vote for the pop-rock vocalist.

"A big sigh of relief," is how former Hey Monday lead singer Cassadee Pope describes being voted through by America. Cassadee takes on "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson because it reminds her of her relationship with her estranged father. Blake gives Cassadee a standing ovation and praises her lovability. Christina says it was her best performance on the show yet because she "felt her heart" and connected to the "dad stuff." Cee Lo's critique? "Hot chicks with guitars, life is good!" Adam was glad to get a glimpse of Cassadee's "soulfulness."

Rocker Terry McDermott is the final performer of the night and says it's "surreal" that America voted for a Scottish guy. Terry tackles "More Than a Feeling" and he calls it "the single biggest challenge" he's faced on the show yet. Luckily, it's a challenge he handles well as Cee Lo says the performance was "damn good, bro!" Adam continues the gush-fest, saying he doesn't even think the audience realizes "how good Terry is...Holy crap, I can't even talk. So good!" Coach Blake congratulates Terry, saying he's "just special" and "a gift to rock music."

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Team Christina

Ex-Yale football player/resident heartthrob Dez Duron decides to tap into his soulful side for his first live performance as he wants to sing songs that are "meaningful." He performs Lauryn Hill's version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," and Christina says this is his opportunity to "really connect" with the audience. He also manages to connect with the coaches: Cee Lo calls the performance "impeccable," Adam says it was his best yet and Blake agrees with all the screaming girls. (Hilariously out-of-context Blake line of the night: ("I'm an old bastard, look at me!") Christina gushes, saying Dez is the "real deal" and "a sweetheart."

Adriana Louise was Christina's save during the playoffs and the diva says "I'm so glad I made it through." Adriana decides to take a bit of a risk and perform Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl." We're not so sure the risk pays off, but Cee Lo says she continues to improve, while Adam says she did a "good job." Adam also thanks Adriana for ending the performance in front of his face, which he called "nice." Blake says he can't believe America didn't vote her in and Christina praises Adriana's song choices. "The best is yet to come for you," she says.

Sylvia Yacoub's message for voters who sent her through: "Thank you, thank you so much!" For her performance, Sylvia takes a risk and sings Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Christina says, "That's up there with the Whitney [Houston] ballads" and instructs her to take the song in a Beyonce direction. Cee Lo says, "Wow...I just thought that was great!" Adam says the song is more than just a song, it's "a moment in the world" and says she did a "good job." Christina gushes that she's "so proud" and calls Sylvia "fearless."

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Team Cee Lo

Cee Lo's playoff save Cody Belew "wants to be remembered for epic performances." He decides to take on a pretty tough song: Tina Turner's "The Best." Adam calls Cody "one of the best natural performers" and says he reminded him of Prince. Blake agrees with Adam, while Christina says she wants "more up-tempo" songs from Cody. Cee Lo has nothing but kind words for his contestant and "friend," saying, "You're so fabulous."

Team standout Trevin Hunte says he's "ready to win this thing" and decides to perform "When a Man Loves a Woman" to prove his point. During his pre-performance package, Trevin explains that his mother was affected by Hurricane Sandy and reveals her house was destroyed. Trevin's powerhouse performance earns him standing ovations from Cee Lo, Blake and Adam. Adam calls his voice "a gift from God," and Blake says he left nothing "but blood and guts" on the stage. "I love Trevin," Christina says. "You brought it home for me. I still wish I was your coach." Coach Cee Lo believes Trevin "is an angel of some sorts."

Soulful artist Nicholas David "can't believe" he made it through the playoffs and sings "Power of Love," which was selected by his coach Cee Lo. "You are so strange and beautiful," Adam gushes, while Blake adds, "Every time you're on stage you're doing something a different way." Of course, Cee Lo has nothing but love for his contestant.

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Team Adam

"Powerful background singer" Amanda Brown calls making it through the playoffs "great." (Tone down the enthusiasm, girl!) She decides to sing "Spectrum" by Florence and the Machine, and impresses Blake (who is still gushing over her performance from last week). Christina admits she's still waiting to see who Amanda really is as an artist and Cee Lo calls the performance "a little constrictive." Adam agrees with all his fellow coaches, saying it wasn't "perfect," but that Amanda "epitomizes" everything the show is about.

New Yorker Bryan Keith calls being voted through by America "amazing" and says he wants to "bring back an older feel to rock music." Bryan takes on Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black," and Blake believes the performance helped the rocker take the lead on Team Adam, a sentiment Christina seconds. Cee Lo says he did a great job and Adam calls the performance Bryan's "breakout" moment. "This was your day," he gushes.

High school student Melanie Martinez was the contestant Adam decided to save last week. "I am just very thankful that I am still here," she says, adding she sees herself as an indie folk singer. She decides to sing Young the Giant's "Cough Syrup" because she feels like an outcast and reveals she was inspired by Disney villain Cruella de Vil to dye her now signature hair. After her emotional performance, Blake says he "enjoyed it" and Christina says it was her performance that connected most with the audience. Coach Adam admires her unique style, calling her "spectacular."

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