The World's Oldest Living Man Is Puerto Rican, Guinness World Records Confirms

At age 112, Emilio "Don Millo" Flores Márquez is the world's oldest living man

Emilio Flores Márquez.
Guinness World Records

The world's oldest living man is 112 years old and lives in Puerto Rico, Guinness World Records announced Wednesday.

Emilio "Don Millo" Flores Márquez was born on Aug. 8, 1908, in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

He now lives in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, where he received his official Guinness World Records title certificate. His two living children were there to commemorate the lifelong achievement with celebratory photos.

According to Flores Márquez, the key to a long and happy life is to have an abundance of love — as well as avoiding anger and resentment.

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