“The Bourne Legacy” In Tony Gilroy's Hands — It's Your Move, Matt Damon

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass spent a lot of time earlier this year shaking their heads vigorously at questions about a fourth Bourne movie, but fans of the super-agent bad-ass can take heart that screenwriter Tony Gilroy remains in the fold.

"Fantastic news today! Tony Gilroy, the keeper of the Bourne flame, is back with us to write the treatment for #4, THE BOURNE LEGACY...," tweeted Frank Marshall, producer on all three Bourne films.

When Damon, star of the series, and Greengrass, director of the last two films, where out promoting "Green Zone" ahead of its March release, they were inundated with questions about the possibility of reuniting for a fourth film. Damon said he would only do it if Greengrass would, and Greengrass kept insisting he was done with Bourne.

In the wake of the "Green Zone" disaster, their feelings about "The Bourne Legacy" may have changed. And if that's the case, they'd better speak up quickly, because with Gilroy back in the fold, he immediately becomes the obvious choice to direct "Legacy" on the strength of his debut behind the camera, the George Clooney thriller "Michael Clayton," which was somehow both overrated and under-appreciated. Update: Gilroy was approached about writing and directing "Legacy" as early as January, according to The Playlist.

The other possibility is Doug Liman, who helmed the original, but his process -- messy, chaotic, lots of re-shoots -- gave Universal (our corporate cousins) fits and exec there banned him from further directing duties. It's hard to imagine the studio digging in its heels if it was the easiest/best way to get "The Bourne Legacy" made.

Stay tuned...

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