Obama and Romney Fight Orcs in Video Game DLC

Obama, Romney become available characters in PC Dungeon Crawler

"Dungeon Defenders," a PC dungeon crawler RPG celebrated Presidents Day a bit differently this week, releasing their "Presidents Day Battle Royal" DLC on the Steam game download service. The content contains skins which allow gamers to play as President Barack Obama, GOP Frontrunner Mitt Romney, First Lady Michelle Obama and George Washington.

A video released on Sunday by the game's developer, Trendy Entertainment, shows Obama and Romney shooting and slashing through multiple enemies together. Before the battle, the two have their own "Rocky"-inspired introductions. Obama's intro even has the first lady wiping the sweat off his face with a towel before the epic brawl.

"Dungeon Defenders" is an online action/tower defense title that pits created characters against waves of enemies such as orcs and other mystical creatures in their quest to protect the Eternia Crystal.

The DLC is currently free and rated E for everyone.

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