Sunrise Middle School Teacher Says Student Punched Her Over Basketball

A South Florida middle school teacher claims she was punched by one of her students when she refused to let him bring a basketball into her classroom.

Police arrested the 12-year-old boy Friday and charged him with battery after they say he punched Stadnik with a closed fist in the left cheek and eye area, according to the police report.

Ruthanne Stadnik, a Sunrise Middle School teacher, said she insisted the boy not bring his ball into her class. An argument ensued, but the student agreed — and then clocked her.

"My instinct, I wanted to smack back at him but then I said no because I heard all these little girls screaming, they just saw their teacher get punched out," Stadnik said.

Stadnik says she will return to her classroom, and expects to see the student again.

"He is going to end up in the system more than what he is now if he does not get that under control," she said.

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