Dwyane Wade: A Sharp-Dressed Man

The Heat's very own superstar is an MVP in the style game.

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EMPTY_CAPTION"Just Wright," just right. Fashionable male Dwyane Wade showed up to the premiere of the Common and Queen Latifah film in which he makes a cameo in a gray and lavender suit that was notably fly but not upstaging.
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He's the Heat's most valuable player and the 2010 All-Star MVP, but Dwyane Wade rules the style game as well with an All-American luxury look all his own.
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It didn't take Wade long to figure out what he wanted, and fortunately in the meantime he didn't make many misteps. This white suit at the '04 Espys didn't have the personality we've come to expect from a man called Flash, but it wasn't a faux pas either.
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Wade began rocking his signature hat look at the '05 Espys, along with splashes of color.
In 2007, he was both hit and miss with hat-topped ensembles. The white look is a winner, the egg-yolk color scheme a little less so. But we can't blame the hat for that.
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Of course, the newsboy threatened to make even a sunny-side-up fedora look great.
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But in 2006 he'd go with South Florida-inspired stripes and upstage mortician pal Lebron James.
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In our minds we imagine the two superstars are engaged in an ongoing walk-off. Wade won this round, too, with an assist from James' grandpa costume.
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Wade made a super-fun splash with a yellow sweater, bowtie, and glasses at All-Star Weekend in 2009. "I took a risk," he said. "People had fun talking about it, but that's the reaction I wanted."
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The same weekend he rocked a yellow blazer with jeans -- something that's a lot harder than he made it look.
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He also added red-framed glasses that matched his pocket square and a signature Band-Wade. The man can accessorize!
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A love for sharp sweater combos was born.
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Later that year he rocked a lavender button-down with a pleated shirtfront at the NBA Finals -- just enough styling to make Carlos Boozer look like a math teacher with good jewelry.
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At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Wade wore on of his favorite designers, Ralph Lauren, along with his teammates. He says he sticks mostly with Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Gucci, so he knows exactly what size fits and can count on them always having something he'll like.
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He looked just as good casual in Beijing, even if just in a white t-shirt and frayed hat.
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It was a far cry from a casual disaster in 2006, when Wade's giant clothing made Adam Sandler look tailored on TRL..
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But the tables were turned on baggy Dwight Howard in 2010, by which point Wade was sporting fitted layers that looked far more sophisticated than a sweatsuit off the rack.
Wade sticks to what he knows looks good. Like olive, at the Sony Ericsson Open and Spike TV's "Guys Choice Awards."
Pocket squares became a favorite, and earned Wade an Esquire Best Dressed nod in 2007, though they worked best with more youthful suits than serious.
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Case in point: his charity lunch at the 2010 All-Star Game, where a modern cut and playful details pulled the khaki-pants-and-blazer combo out of the doldrums.
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Wade knows when to dress playfully and when to dress just plain well, as evidenced by his trip to the White House last summer...
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...and a private dinner hosted by Michigan Avenue Magazine last year in his hometown of Chicago.
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While other ballers' styles have remained painfully stuck in time (we're looking at you, Michael Jordan), Wade's keeps evolving. Carmelo Anthony's? Um...we can't say. But we have a strange feeling we have a paper due.
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Almost too much? Yes, but its isn't.
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Even when attending formal events, like those at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Wade knows how to add a little flair to relatively tame suits.
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See? Yowzah!
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As for the on-court fashion? MV3 had the best of Converse...
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before exclusively unveiling the latest Jordans. Take that, Lebron!
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