Six Flags Thrill Ride Gets Stuck, Passengers Forced to Walk Down

No one was injured at the Jackson, New Jersey amusement park

A roller coaster billed as a "maximum thrill-level," "gut-munching" ride at a Six Flags amusement park in New Jersey got stuck on its way up to the 230-foot peak, forcing passengers to exit the ride and walk down alongside the tracks. 

Officials at the Great Adventure park in Jackson said the Nitro roller coaster experienced a power failure as it was climbing up the track Friday afternoon. 

Park personnel climbed the access stairs to remove the passengers on the stuck coaster and walked them safely down to ground level, officials said. 

No one was hurt.

The ride was shut down for the remainder of Friday night. It's not clear when it will reopen. 

According to the amusement park's website, the first hill on the Nitro is 233 feet high. The coaster reaches 80 miles per hour as it zooms to the second hill, which is about 180 feet high. 

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