Seth Meyers Shares Dramatic Story of His Wife Giving Birth in Apartment Lobby

The 44-year-old TV host revealed his 35-year-old wife Alexi Ashe went into labor on April 8

Talk about making an entrance.

Monday evening late night host Seth Meyers announced the birth of his second child, Axel Strahl Meyers and shared the dramatic details of his son's delivery.

The 44-year-old TV host, who also has a 2-year-old son Ashe Olsen Meyers, revealed his 35-year-old wife Alexi Ashe went into labor on April 8. It was a "totally normal Sunday" that began with brunch and a walk in the park. Later, as Meyers was feeding his son lunch, his mother-in-law came downstairs and shouted, "We have to go to the hospital now!" 

Meyers' called an Uber, but by the time they reached the lobby of their apartment building his wife realized she wouldn't make it to the hospital.

"My wife just says, 'I can't get in the car. I'm going to have the baby right now. The baby is coming.' I'm just trying to calm her down," Meyers said. "I'm like, 'Look, no, because I've been through exactly one birth.' I'm like, 'This happens all the time. Trust me.'" 

His wife lowered herself to the floor and the others formed a semi-circle around her. "We undressed her and the baby was just out!" Meyers said. "The head of the baby was out!"

"I called 911, and over the course of a minute conversation, I said, 'We're about to have a baby! We're having a baby! We had a baby," Meyers continued. "I went from someone calling in about an emergency to just sharing good news with a stranger. Like, 'Yeah, it's a boy!'"

He went on to describe how firemen and police officers helped to deliver the baby, with one fireman cutting the baby's umbilical cord. Neighbors also helped provide warm towels, Meyers said.

Watch the full description of what happened in the video leading this story. 

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