This new dating app requires you to have a 675 credit score to join

The app began its 90-day trial on Wednesday and will not impact the users' credit scores if they apply

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Love is in the air, but apparently so is your credit score.

Say hello to Score, a dating app launched Wednesday that requires users to have a credit score of 675 or higher to join.

"Financial wellness often takes a backseat," said Neon Money Club CEO Luke Bailey in a press release. "'Score" aims to elevate the discussion around financial health, which has remained stagnant for decades."

The app, which began its 90-day trial on Wednesday, will not impact the users' credit scores if they apply. Once approved and signed up, users will not be able to see each other's credit scores.

The app will not match users based on their credit scores, so someone with a score of 770 will be able to match with someone with a credit score of 680.

If users get denied entry to the app, Neon Money Club will offer them resources on how to improve their credit scores and financial literacy.

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