Saga of Jeep Stranded on the Beach During Hurricane Dorian Explained

A sunrise ride on the beach took a turn for the worse Thursday

Coverage of Hurricane Dorian pummeling South Carolina turned into "Jeep Watch" this week after a driver abandoned the SUV on the beach as the hurricane arrived in South Carolina.

The person driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee abandoned it after the wheels got stuck in the sand along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach Thursday, police said.

People watched as the ocean got closer and closer, then overtook the Jeep, with the driver nowhere in sight.

Witnesses even walked up to the Jeep and peered into the windows.

The owner, who did not want to be identified, talked to WMBF-TV, the NBC affiliate in Myrtle Beach. He said he let his cousin borrow his Jeep and things went from bad to worse when his cousin decided to drive on the beach to take a video of the sunrise before Dorian arrived.

"So he got on the beach and started driving it. I guess there's that runoff there and he didn't realize it was in front of him, he was looking out the window when he went off and got stuck, which you can see he actually banged up the bumper a bit," the owner explained.

The weather conditions quickly worsened and no one answered the cousin's calls for help getting the Jeep off the beach. Its owner told the TV station that the one call the cousin didn't make was to him.

"He avoided me for a good hour or two because he didn't know what to say and then police actually came to the house. And they said, 'Hey we found your Jeep on the beach.' Then I called him and spoke to him and he told me exactly what happened," the Jeep's owner told WMBF-TV.

The Jeep's owner said he expects the Grand Cherokee to be totaled.

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