Rory Gilmore Joins Saoirse Ronan, James Gandolfini in “Violet and Daisy”

Alexis Bledel is teaming up with Saoirse Ronan to play a pair of teen assassins in "Violet and Daisy," the directorial debut from "Precious" scribe Geoffrey Fletcher.

"Violet and Daisy," about a hit gone terribly wrong, has been described as "Thelma & Louise" meets "Superbad" with a helping of "Pulp Fiction," which sounds entertaining enough.

But this is the second downgrade in star power the film has suffered. Bledel is replacing Carey Mulligan, reported Variety. The "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" star couldn't make the shooting schedule work with her commitment to Nicholas Winding Refn's "Drive," and James Gandolfini appears to have taken the role that once had Bruce Willis interested.

Gandolfini makes perfect sense in a film like this, but Bledel is an odd choice. The only thing she's done even remotely like this was "Sin City," in which she played a very minor role and stayed out of the blood-and-guts action. To say nothing of the fact that she's 29.

Being a killer-for-hire will come easily enough for Ronan, who's already finished shooting "Hanna," about a 14-year-old girl who is raised to be an assassin, but is later taken in by a French family which tries to help her assimilate to life in a world where it's inappropriate for children to kill. It looks to be "Bourne" meets "The Professional."

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