Ricky Gervais Shocked He's Invited Back To Host Golden Globes

Apparently Ricky Gervais did not offend enough people in Hollywood during his time at the Golden Globe podium. He's been invited back to host the awards show next spring, his second year in a row.

Gervais told Ryan Seacrest's radio program that despite all his offending during last year's program, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association invited him back for an encore.

"I said all those things thinking I'd never be invited back," he said. "Obviously I didn't burn enough bridges."

The comedian said clearly Hollywood is not as touchy as its reputation suggests.

"Hollywood is very thick-skinned," he said, pointing out that as long as people are mentioned from stage, they are fine -- not matter what the context.

"What happens is when you don't mention them at all, that's what really gets them," he said.

Gervais was a solid host, but even he could have been more out there on the program. So here's hoping that he takes the invitation and truly runs with it next year. He hinted he would.

"I'm going all out this time," said Gervais. "I'm going to make sure they never invite me back."

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