Nurse Jackie: A Little Going-Away Party In My Head

Whew! That was a delicious one. Last week was pretty much a total downer, but even with the intense moments this episode is a laugh riot. Jackie takes Gracie to their dance lesson, where they meet up with another member of the parish, Mrs. Flynn, who went to high school with Jackie and Kevin. She was Homecoming Queen, and dated Kevin before he married Jackie.

Eleanor makes peace with Jackie in a really sweet way, very in character for both of them, down to Jackie's desperate attempts to stay angry at her before giving in. The Pyxis is finally installed, leading to a last-chance Valium trip for Eddie, some really amazing sex for Jackie, and a monumentally primal scene experience for Zoey, who walks in on them in the act. Once she puts her mind back together, she tries to be cool, and as usual fails adorably.

Jackie can't get her wedding ring off, so she has Eleanor saw it off with a bone saw. It's an incredible image, actually. Mo-Mo, thinking it's just some random ring she lost, prays to St. Anthony on her behalf, because she's such a good person. To prove it to herself, Jackie mails a DOA patient's last mail, and contacts the person who was waiting for him while he died.

Cooper is stressing right out about the whole forged-paperwork donation card snafu from last week, and Eleanor reminds her that driving Fitch Cooper crazy is the easiest thing in the universe. So she stalks him to the Harmacy, goads him into grabbing her boob, leaves his hand there while she gives him an amazing pep talk, and then rewards him with a kiss. While this doesn't drive him crazy, exactly, it does get him back on track and treating Jackie like she's God, which was the whole point. Well, that and delighting Eleanor, which it definitely does.

It is also about the awesomest thing I ever saw, only second to their conversation later -- after she has taken a hammer to her own finger to explain the sawn-off ring -- where she apologizes for her reciprocal sexual harassment and he agrees to trust her... But he's keeping the kiss. This show is not like other shows.

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