Nick Cannon: ‘I Can Not See Myself Returning' to ‘AGT'

The rapper and actor started hosting the NBC talent showcase in 2009

"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon said he can't see himself returning to the show after eight seasons, alleging on his social media accounts Monday that NBC network executives had threatened to fire him over a joke he made.

Cannon didn't say what the joke was, only that it involved his race and a comedy special he was filming. He said he was threatened with termination over it, which "weighed heavy on my spirit."

He said he felt compelled to write "from a deeply saddened and dolorous mindset." 

"It was brought to my attention by my 'team' that NBC believed that I was in breach of contract because I had disparaged their brand," Cannon continued in the post, saying he didn't want to be censored for speaking his mind.

The rapper and actor started hosting the NBC talent showcase in 2009.

After the incident, Cannon said "I wish AGT and NBC the best in its upcoming season but I can not see myself returning."

It wasn't clear if Cannon had actually quit the show.

NBC and a Cannon representative declined to comment on the situation. 

Cannon said he has felt part "of the fabric of our great nation every summer, representing every culture, age, gender, and demographic. Now for the rug to be pulled from underneath me and to be publicly reprimanded and ridiculed over a joke about my own race is completely wrong and I have to do something about it."

Cannon's message was shared on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

NBC and this station are owned by NBCUniversal. 

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