Heisman-less Reggie Bush Breaks Leg

Former USC star could miss at least six weeks

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Reggie Bush, who last week handed back his 2006 Heisman Trophy amid a cloud of scandal, broke his leg in the Saints' Monday Night Football victory over the 49ers and will miss at least six weeks.

Bush, New Orleans' all-purpose running back, suffered a leg injury late in the game and is believed to have a broken bone in his right leg.

ESPN reported that the initial diagnosis is a fractured fibula. A league source told NBC Sports the team is "pretty sure" that the injury is a fractured fibula.

The injury occurred in a pileup that happened after Bush muffed a punt return in the fourth quarter.

"I hurt like hell," Bush said after the game. "I got back up and tried to walk on it. It felt terrible."

Bush helped lead New Orleans to a Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts earlier this year, but found himself nneck deep in scandal from his days at USC. A probe found he took money from boosters, and he gave back the coveted trophy voluntarily, though he admitted no wrongdoing.

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