Principal Dresses as Lady Gaga, Milks Cow After Losing Bet to Students

Massachusetts elementary school principal follows through with stunt after students claim they've read 10,000 books

A Massachusetts principal dressed as Lady Gaga and milked a cow on Wednesday after he lost a bet with his student body.

In September, Justin Vernon, principal of the Roger Clapp school in Dorchester, allowed his kindergarten through fifth grade students to come up with a suitable punishment for him if they managed to read 10,000 books during the school year.

They did.

"Of course they wanted to yell out the most ridiculous thing possible,” Vernon told WHDH-TV in Boston. “So milking a cow came out, dressing like Lady Gaga, there were other options that came out but this is the one that stuck.”

On Wednesday, Vernon, indeed was on the edge of glory, donning a platinum blonde wig and extracting milk from a cow. The students watched and screamed like paparazzi. 

Parents said the idea proved to be fantastic motivation.

"My daughter's reading went through the charts because of it," Theresa Davis told WHDH.

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