Queen Goes Gaga for Lady

Lady Gaga got the royal treatment when she performed for the Queen of England last night.

The outrageous singer known for her eclectic style wore a conservative floor-length red latex dress with Elizabethan frills during the Royal Variety Show in London last night after which she met Her Majesty face-to-face.

Gaga, in sparkling red eye makeup, made the Queen giggle when she curtsied and shook her hand after the performance, according to MTV UK.

The "Poker Face" singer sat a top a swing suspended 30 feet in the air as she played a piano held up on giant stilts while performing the song "Speechless" with the Queen looking on, according to London's Daily Mail.

"My father is here tonight, and I wrote this song for him," Gaga told the crowd, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The singer said she had to scale back her performance and tailor it to the sensibilities of the royal family -- including cutting out a bloody scene where she pretends stabs herself on stage. 

"I wanted to do the suicide scene but was told it wouldn't be appropriate. I've also had to tone things down generally," she told Britain's Daily Mirror.

"But it' doesn't matter because I'm a massive fan of the Queen -- I was so excited and have even been practicing my curtsy. When I first came up with what I was doing, I said, 'Oh my f---ing God.' It's fabulous. I hope the Queen likes it. " 

Miley Cyrus was also at the performance.

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