Courtney Love Slams Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, Claims He Seduced Her Daughter

Dave Grohl called Love's claim he slept with her teen daughter "upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue"

Courtney Love has been bashing Dave Grohl since long before Twitter existed — but now she's taken to tweeting her rage at the Foo Fighter and one-time Nirvana drummer, whom she accuses of trying to seduce her teen daughter.

Make that trying to tweet him, actually, as the tweets themselves — sent from Love's private account @cbabymichelle to @davegrohl — were actually sent to a German student who shares the rocker's name, Gawker noted.

Love's spate of irate tweets started with accusations that Dave Grohl seduced and had sex with her 19-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain, whom he's known since her infancy. Grohl, who was Nirvana bandmates with Francis Bean's father, Kurt Cobain, vehemently denied the accusations, Rolling Stone reported.  

"I'm not mad at her, him i am about to shoot, dead," Love tweeted, adding, "its dave that I'm going to kill." She claimed her estranged daughter' roommate had told her that Grohl tried to seduce Frances and accused him of being "sexually obsessed" with her late husband.

"Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful Twitter rant. These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue," Grohl responded.

Love, against whom her daughter has a restraining order, has slammed Grohl repeatedly in the past — most recently for letting the makers of the recent "Muppets" movie use Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Frances Bean Cobain has a restraining order against her mother, whom she has accused of killing her pets.

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