Looks Like Mel Gibson's “Beaver” Is Still On

Cyberspace has been littered with obituaries for Mel Gibson's movie career, but as the old man in Monty Python's "Holy Grail" once said, he's not dead yet.

Before the Mel hit the fan, Gibson's next film, "The Beaver," was a hotly anticipated movie with Oscar aspirations. Directed by and co-starring Jodie Foster, it tells the story of a depressed CEO who begins wearing a beaver hand puppet to help him communicate with his family.

There has been speculation that the film's future was in serious danger, and yesterday came rumors from the Daily Mail that Gibson was running away to Australia to hide from the fallout of his tape-recorded meltdown. Not so, say his people.

"There's no truth to the Mail story," Gibson’s rep Alan Nierob told The Scoop. As for the fate of "The Beaver," Nierob said that Gibson “did shoot in NYC two weeks ago,” just days after the July 1 release of the first tapes of the actor's epic tirade.

Summit Pictures, the studio behind the film has no comment about a possible release date, and their marketing department clearly has their work cut out for them, but don't you have to release this thing? Everyone expects the film to be amazing and, most importantly, it's already in the can.

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