Capitol Riot

Ex-Aide Testifies Meadows Warned Jan. 6 Could Get ‘Real, Real Bad'

Cassidy Hutchinson recounted a conversation four days before the riot

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A former aide to Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump's final chief of staff, recalled his warning her that Jan. 6 could get "real, real bad."

The aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, walked Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani out of the White House on Jan. 2 after he had met with Meadows, she told the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

He asked her something to the effect of, "Cass, are you excited for the 6th?"

Asked what he meant, Giuliani said, "We’re going to the Capitol. It's going to be great. The president is going to be there. He’s going to look powerful. He’s going to be with the members, He’s going to be with the senators. Talk to the chief about it, talk to the chief about. He knows about it."

When she returned to Meadows' office and relied Giuliani's remarks, he told her, "There's a lot going on, Cass. Things might get real, real bad on Jan. 6."

She said that she had already been apprehensive about Jan. 6, after hearing about general plans for the rally, including references to "oathkeepers" and the words "proud boys" when Giuliani was around.

"But when hearing Rudy’s take on Jan. 6 and then Mark’s response that evening was the first moment that I remember feeling scared and nervous for what could happen on Jan. 6."

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