Maggie Grace Answers Luc Besson's Casting Call for “Lockout”

Writer-producer Luc Besson is holding Maggie Grace against her will once again in his upcoming hostage-in-space thriller "Lockout."

The film will star Guy Pearce as a man convicted of espionage against the U.S. wh o is offered his freedom if he can rescue the First Daughter from a prison in space that has been taken over by inmates, reported Deadline, which called the plot a "'Taken'-like premise."

"Escape From New York" sounds like a much better comparison, but in any event, Grace will once again be held hostage by a bunch of thugs, and we're guessing that she will once again be rescued. But because she's being saved by a stranger instead of her dad, maybe we'll get a gratuitous romance stirred into the mix.

Grace has also agreed to appear in "Taken 2," which we're guessing will find her kidnapped yet again. Between her run on "Lost" and her work with Besson, this woman is never where she wants to be.

Following up her supporting role in "Knight and Day," Grace can next be seen Nov. 24 in "Faster," starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a man out for vengeance.

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