Lady Gaga Returns To Lollapalooza

What a difference three years make when it comes to Lady Gaga and Lollapalooza.

The pop singer made her return to the music festival since 2007 in Chicago last night, The Associated Press reported.

"My name is Lady Gaga,” she said to the audience. “I thank you for coming to my show. I didn't used to be brave. In fact I wasn't very brave at all. But you have made me brave, little monsters. So now I'm going to brave for you. Tonight, I want you to free yourself."

In 2007, Gaga was a relatively unknown newcomer at Lollapalooza—she performed in the daytime behind a keyboard and earned not-so-favorable reviews.

But a lot has changed as Gaga played in front of thousands of people yesterday and told them to forget “your Lollapalooza BMI stage show was a (expletive) trainwreck. You’re a (expletive) superstar. You were born that way!” The enthusiastic crowd responded with a roar and raised fists, according to the AP.

The singer was described as wearing a jacket and large shoulder pads at the beginning of her set; later, she wore a red cape and a transparent outfit.

Friday kicked off  the three-day music festival whose scheduled lineup includes Green Day, Arcade Fire, Soundgarden and the National.

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