Katherine Turns up the Crazy on “Housewives”

Katherine thinks a fake plumbing call late at night will get a man to fall in love with her

Katherine turns up the crazy: Want to get a man to fall back in love with you? Katherine thinks all it takes is a fake plumbing call late at night, and sets up her home with a bubble bath, candles, lingerie and chocolate strawberries, thinking Mike will come over and, uh, snake her drain. But when Susan tags along, there's a catfight, and of course, both women end up falling into the bubbles.

Cameo appearance: Bree was touched when Karl gifted her his grandmother's cameo brooch, hoping it'll encourage her to accept his marriage proposal. But when Susan saw it and knew it used to be hers, the lies started piling on. Bree lied that she bought it at a local antiques store, but when Orson went there, the owner tells him they only sell furniture, revealing Bree's lie. Meanwhile, when Susan revealed that Karl chewed her out 10 years ago for losing the brooch he obviously took himself, Bree starts to worry. Who is this man she's in love with? Finally, she tells him to focus on getting her the divorce from Orson before he worries about marrying again.

Reading, writing and respect: When Juanita lets a swear word fly in her school play, Gaby tells the principal off for criticizing her parenting. That gets Juanita kicked out of school and means Gaby has to homeschool her. She's unqualified and uninterested, and the mother-daughter power struggles that follow only wreak more havoc on their already troubled relationship.

Toga! Toga! Lynette is concerned when Tom starts hanging with "Animal House" type students from his college classes. But things come to a head when she learns that he's using them to help him cheat in his Mandarin Chinese class. Tom confesses he'd otherwise fail the class, and tells his wife to get off her honesty-is-best high horse, since she keeps lying to her friends to conceal her pregnancy.

Mommy dearest: Katherine catches Angie crying while looking at a photo of her mother, and Angie quickly covers by saying her mom is dead. But later, Katherine walks in on Angie talking to mom on the phone. Katherine tries to get Angie to turn over the gun that Susan used to shoot her, which Angie of course can't do. Instead, Angie ends up going to Susan and warning her that Katherine could be the person who attacked Julie, thinking she was grabbing Susan instead.

Quote of the week: "We just finished gym class, now it's time to read." --Gaby to Juanita
"Ironing isn't gym class!" -- Juanita

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