Jonah Hill's Mom Loves the Oedipal-Themed “Cyrus”

After watching, and often cringing through, the Oedipal themes of the dark comedy "Cyrus," one might have wondered -- what did Jonah Hill's mother think of the movie?

The movie stars Hill as dysfunctional 20-year-old with an unhealthily close connection to his mother (Marisa Tomei) who tries to fight off -- using any means possible --  a suitor in the form of John C. Reilly.

Even the "Cyrus" promotional bumper sticker features a line from the movie: "Seriously, Don't (Expletive) My Mom."

So PopcornBiz took the opportunity to ask Hill what his real folks thought of the Sundance favorite "Cyrus," Hill's major break into dramatic roles.

"It's my family's favorite movie that I've ever been in," Hill responded cheerily. "Some of the movies I have done, my parents can appreciate that people love them, but they are not always massive fans. This was their favorite."

In fact, Hill said he was mother was teary-eyed after the movie. She was particularly touched by the scene where Tomei admits she might have made some mistakes raising her twisted son.

"(My mom) said I really loved it, it hit (her) so hard. That scene with me and Marisa on the bed," said Hill. "It connected with her as a parent, hoping you haven't done anything to screw up your kids out of love."

His brother, however, gave a loaded compliment to Hill's performance. "He was looking at me all weird after the movie," said Hill. "He said he loved it, but it was the first time he didn't recognize me in a movie and it creeped him out."

"I took that as a very big compliment."

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