Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg Kick off Facekickers, Brand New Game on ‘Tonight Show'

In honor of the NFL opener on Thursday, “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon by playing a brand new game with guest Andy Samberg.

Facekickers involved a mock football field, six footballs and six tiles hanging over the goal post - three with Samberg’s face, and the other three featuring Fallon’s likeness.

The object of the game was to be the first one to smash all his opponent’s faces by field kicking the footballs.

The “Tonight Show” host gave Samberg the first kick.

It wasn’t until his third and last kick that Samberg managed to hit a tile. But it was his own. Fallon made the next kick - only to hit his own tile, too.

Fallon then invited Carrie Underwood to take a shot. She missed her first three kicks, and even missed when she tried to throw the football at a close distance.

Fallon declared Samberg the very first Facekickers winner.

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