“Jersey Shore” Only Moving To More Ridiculous Viewership Heights

Anyone who thought (or hoped) that  "Jersey Shore" would slow down at all once the novelty wore off from it's stupendous hotness in season one -- you were wrong. Last week's third episode of season two set all new all-time highs for the reality show.

Some 5.5 million viewers tuned into MTV.  The episode actually just beat out the second season premiere, a record itself at the time, which had 5.3 viewers. This monster is only getting stronger.

Of course with commercials and trailers which promised more brawls, hook-ups and non-stop partying -- it's little wonder that fans of the show would be going back for more now that the cast has taken their lack of talents to South Beach -- the 24-hour party town which is Miami. It is one show which certainly delivers what it promises.

And while President Obama said (maybe pretended) he didn't know who Snooki was on the couch of "The View," it seems like the perma-tanned and frequently brawling cast is on everyone else's minds.

Perhaps the only thing which can stop the cast is themselves. Ronnie Magro was arrested for unpaid parking tickets, according to the New York Post.

It's his second since the show started (the first time was for brawling, so at least this shows some improvement). It also comes two weeks after fellow cast member Snooki Polizzi was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

But it actually might just be a question of letting the cast serve an important social function. As the Washington Post opined recenty: "Watching them quells some inner beast; they slap and scream and throw down so the rest of America won't have to."

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