Jennifer Aniston Is About To Be Killed in “Scre4m”

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have been bestest buds ever since they starred together on “Friends,” which is why Aniston popped up a while back on “Dirt,” Cox’s short-lived FX gossip drama. And now, Aniston and Cox are planning to reunite on screen for “Scream 4,” which currently has the working title of “Scre4m.” I kid you not. Looks like a bad vanity license plate. You have to pronounce it “Scree Form”. Anyway, Aniston will do a cameo in the opening of the film as the murderer’s first victim. John Mayer is buying advance tickets online as we speak. From StarPulse:

Jennifer Aniston will reunite with her "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox in the upcoming "Scream" sequel… They have both signed on to return for a fourth installment of the franchise, which begins shooting later this year - and Cox has persuaded Aniston to join in the fun…

But Aniston's "Scream" appearance will be a short one - she will be the masked killer's first victim when her character is murdered in the opening sequence.

Neve Campbell, the lead in the 1996 movie, has also agreed to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott for a fourth outing. Julia Roberts' niece Emma Roberts has also joined the cast.

If you know your “Scream” mythology, you know they always pick a notable actor to die in the opening sequence. In the first “Scream” movie, it was Drew Barrymore getting stabbed in a scene that’s still legitimately terrifying. In “Scream 2,” it was Jada Pinkett and Omar Epps. In “Scream 3,” it was Live Schrieber. And now the franchise has snagged its highest profile opening murder victim yet in Aniston.

It’s almost a shame Aniston will be relegated to a cameo here. This “Scream” is meant to pass the baton over from Cox and Campbell to a new group of young actors like Emma Roberts. But given the box office returns for “The Bounty Hunter,” I daresay America is getting a bit tired of seeing tabloid magnet Aniston in crummy romantic comedy after crummy romantic comedy. Seeing her in a horror movie will be a nice change of pace. Until she gets stabbed, and then it’s back to romcomland for her.

“Scre4m” is due in April of next year.

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