James Woods Defends Insensitive Tweet About ‘Gender Creative' Boy

On Wednesday, Woods said on Twitter that his comments were “not about homophobia”

Celebrities embroiled in controversy over offensive tweets typically opt to apologize - but James Woods is doubling down. 

After "How I Met Your Mother Star" Neil Patrick Harris slammed Woods for an offensive tweet regarding a "gender creative" young boy on Tuesday, Woods fired back with a defense of his comments.

The actor had earlier targeted 10-year-old boy C.J. Duron when his parents posted a photo with their son from the Orange Country Pride Parade in California on Sunday, holding up signs reading "I love my gender creative son!" and "My son wears dresses & make up … Get over it!!"

Woods posted the photo and tweeted "This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you've done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage."

On Wednesday, Woods said on Twitter that his comments were "not about homophobia" and seemed unconcerned by the backlash.

Lori Duron, C.J.'s mother, addressed the controversy, calling the Woods’ tweet "hugely misinformed" in an interview with People magazine.

"We've spent seven years sharing our journey to the public," Duron said, referring to the blog about raising her son, Raising My Rainbow. "We were on his radar, but he wasn't on ours. It was shocking. I feel like adults should know better."

Duron added: "LGBTQ youth don’t hurt their parents, they hurt themselves. We're trying to raise our son in way that he doesn't fall into those behaviors."

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