Iran's Ahmadinejad Future in Politics Uncertain

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has come under attack from political rivals months ahead of the country's presidential elections, leading some experts to believe the former Revolutionary Guard is "finished," NBC News reported. Although he was once almost untouchable in Iran, in recent days Ahmadinejad, who must stand down ahead of the June elections, can no longer keep his rivals in check. On Feb. 3, the Iranian parliament crossed a line with Ahmadinejad by dismissing one of his allies, the EAWorldView website reported. Ahmadinejad went on the attack on the floor of the parliament, threatening to make public one of his secret files he claims to have on his rivals. The speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, called the president's bluff in a humiliating episode that was broadcast on Iranian radio, leading Scott Lucas, the editor of EAWorldView, to conclude that Ahmadinejad was effectively "finished." However, other officials say it is too early to write off Ahmadinejad's political future. "He's not going to go down without a fight," said Reza Marashi, research director of the National Iranian American Council.

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