Ancient Glue Offers New Insight Into What May Be Jesus' Tomb

"Scientists and archaeologists are very excited about this"

Historians have questioned whether the site that many Christians believe may be Jesus Christ's tomb was destroyed or moved over the centuries, but a new test confirms that it dates back 1,700 years, NBC News reported.

Radioactive elements in the architectural glue that keeps it together dated the Holy Edicule at Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre back to A.D. 325 — which is the era when Romans first claimed the site was holy.

"Scientists and archaeologists are very excited about this because what it does is it corroborates our historical accounts," said National Geographic archaeology writer Kristin Romey, who was on-site during the nine-month renovation project.

Three Christian churches — Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox — share custody of the church, an arrangement that's prompted brawls in the past.

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