Here's the First 5 Minutes of “Megamind”

With it's premiere two weeks away, the powers that be have unleashed the opening scene of "Megamind" on Nickelodeon.

The animated film stars the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina, Fey, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, in a tale about two babies launched toward Earth as their worlds teetered on the brink of destruction, a la Superman. Just watch the clip, it should explain things well enough.

We're struck by how feminine Megamind looked as a youth. It's not a big deal, and we're not reading anything into it, and lots of kids look vaguely androgynous. But when you've got total control over how a character looks, it seems like an odd choice.

We digress...

We were disappointed by the original trailers, but our hopes were reignited by the trailer that dropped last month. This latest footage didn't really move us strongly one way or the other, but we can't understand why you release it unless it delivers a knockout punch. This clip doesn't, and clearly doesn't try to. It's more backstory than anything. The clip also doesn't even give you a whiff of two of the film's four principles.

But what do we know about marketing moves? "Megamind" opens Nov. 5.

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