Florida Couple Has 15 Pet Skunks in Home

Fortunately, these animals don't spray teir scent

A Florida couple likes skunks so much that they have adopted 15 of the stink-spraying animals, which share their home.

Don and Brenda Hoch, of Hudson, Fla., got their first skunk, named Spike, from a pet store. They liked him so much that they now take in foster skunks from Florida Skunk Rescue. They're up to 15 now.

"A lot of our rescues are skunks that needed someone to work with them because they were neglected in the home they came from and consequently became biters," Brenda Hoch said. "We've worked with them and have gotten them to become friendly again."

But the Hochs don't have to keep gallons of tomato juice handy: The skunks they've taken in have all had their stinkbags removed.

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