Warriors Fan, “Jason From San Jose,” Wins BMW With Halfcourt Shot During NBA Finals Game 2

The “money shot.” The halfcourt heave.

In the world of sports, nothing so staggeringly unlikely is attempted so often.

It’s easily the worst, lowest percentage shot in basketball, yet NBA players try for buzzer-beating desperation shots from beyond half-court hundreds of times each season.

But what about your average Joe?[[306233751, C]]

The odds of draining a halfcourt shot is 100-1, according to Bob Hamman, founder of SCA Promotions, the world’s largest insurance provider for sports and casino promo contests. Not necessarily the probability one would want when stepping on to a court, feeling the pressure of 20,000 set of eyes. 

With the odds stacked against him, one Warriors fan achieved improbable. “Jason from San Jose,” hit the miracle shot during the third quarter of Game 2 in the NBA Finals Sunday night and won a brand new BMW i3 in the process.

Jason even received a special shout-out from the team via the Warriors’ official twitter account:

"Dear Jason Valdes, Your friends will never question your long range game again. Enjoy your BMW i3!"[[306450451, C]]

Inside Oakland's Oracle Arena the crowd and players alike erupted, while viewers reacted on social media.[[306450541, C]]

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